Advanced Tax and Estate
Planning Services

The complexities of business ownership and tax regulation often require sophisticated planning and creative solutions.

PPI Advisory’s Planning Services group are industry experts who work with PPI Associates (insurance advisors) in a close-knit, consultative relationship along with the client and their other professional advisors, such as the client’s own lawyers and accountants. The team takes on complex estate planning challenges and intricate tax issues, all of which benefit from a proven flair for innovative thinking.

Our Planning Services group of lawyers, accountants and actuaries offers:

  • In-depth consultative support to help build customized solutions for your
    high net-worth clients
  • Educational seminars for Associates, professional advisors and clients
  • An extensive online library – the Professional Resource Centre – that houses
    advanced planning articles, case studies, technical strategies and sample agreements

30,000 Canadian households have accumulated financial wealth of $10 million or more*. The PPI Advisory Planning Services team is ready to help you meet client needs and grow your practice in this market.

One of the biggest obstacles high net-worth individuals face is the capital gains tax on their estate upon death, which can be more than 20% of their estate value. By using insurance together with innovative tax planning, unique leveraging facilities and effective estate and corporate structuring, these individuals (often business owners) can reduce the capital dilution to their estate and fund other objectives including current capital maximization, business succession, charitable giving and estate equalization.

Chris Ireland, CA, TEP,
Senior Vice-President, PPI Advisory Planning Services
*Source: Financial Post article “Pride & Privilege: Canada is No. 8 on the list of the world’s wealthy”, March 2013.